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I created this website to help mothers research the everyday struggles of parenting. In addition, I am exploring some of the top-rated products and writing reviews.

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Common Struggles With Parenting

Are you trying to find the best products for your baby?

Is your baby gassy?

Are they not taking bottles easily?

Are you tired of waiting for the bottle to be just at the right temperature?

Not sure what food is best for you’re baby?

Let me help answer you’re questions. This website was created to help mothers find products to make their babies happier and healthier. I know how stressful it can be to buy products that are just not what you’re looking for. So, I’m going to be going over some of the best products and foods for your baby.

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About Feeding Baby

Parenting can go from being incredibly enjoyable to highly stressful in a minute. However, most of your enjoyable to stressful moments will be when you are feeding your baby. When your baby is still an infant, life is simple right? You give them a bottle when they’re hungry and change their diaper when it’s full.

For some parents, that might be the case, but not for all. Some babies will become colicky, gassy, fussy, and spit up a lot. As a parent, it’s not always clear what discomfort is causing your baby distress.

Sometimes it’s something as simple as changing their formula or bottle. Other times your baby might have sensitivities to cow’s milk or lactose. Sensitivity symptoms can be avoided by switching to a hypoallergenic or lactose-free formula if you are not breastfeeding. Talk to your doctor first about any concerns you might have.

This website is to help you decide on what brand of formula you might want, whether it’s for sensitivity or you want to find a baby formula with the nutritional benefits you’re looking for.

Here are my post on formulas:

In my formula post, I have made benefits lists for the different formulas. In the formula brands post, I have made a chart that compares all the specific formula brands with all the different types of formulas that the brand has to offer.

Here is my post on the Best Anti-Colic Baby Bottles if you are looking for new baby bottles.

Stages Of Baby Feeding

All new parents and even some already parents need to look up the four stages of feeding a baby. It’s important to know what age to start solids and how you know if your baby is ready. But also what the texture and consistency are and when you can move on to the next stage.

Here are my stages of baby food post!

Here Is A Stages Of Baby Food Chart I have prepared for quick answers. However, I still recommend you read my posts; because there are helpful tips and more critical information about each stage.

Stages Of Baby Food Chart


Since my baby is now a toddler, I have created some posts on the best products that all toddlers use and need. Every toddler uses a sippy cup and all toddlers need utensils specifically designed for their hands. Here are my pages on toddler items….

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