Baby Brezza Reviews – The Best Invention For Quick Bottles

Baby Brezza Reviews

Baby Brezza Reviews find out why it’s the best product I ever bought! Read about my pros and cons and what makes it better than the rest.

Product Review

Product: Baby Brezza

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Guarantee: 1 Year Limited Warranty

My Rating: 5 Stars

Baby Brezza Description

The purpose of this product is to automatically mix a warm formula bottle instantly. The automatic technology mixes water and formula to the perfect consistency. It works with all formula brands and all bottle brands. You can choose between 2-10 ounce bottles. It has 3 different temperature settings and an option for formula or water dispensing.

My Own Experience

This product was a huge game-changer for me. With this in mind, that’s why I want to share my review with you. Incredible, advanced technology automatically makes a warm formula bottle instantly.

I didn’t enjoy listening to my baby scream because she was hungry and it took me 10 mins to heat a bottle. With this being said, I did research on this product. Read all the reviews and because it was expensive it took me a while to buy it. My husband was definitely against me buying it because of some of the reviews. But once I found this I had to have it. So, I talked to my husband and ended up purchasing it. Even he admits it was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Paying For Convenience

Even though it’s a little pricey, this product ended up saving me more in the end. I was buying pre-made bottles for newborns. Which were costing me $100 every other week. I was doing this mainly for convenience but also because the baby bottle warmer I had purchased would not warm the bottles quickly enough.

My Personal Pros

  • No more screaming, hungry baby
  • No more formula mixing mess
  • No more buying pre-mix bottles for the middle of the night
  • In a push of a button I would have a warm bottle of any size in less then a min
  • It didnt take up to much counter space
  • Was able to use it for toddler formula
  • Was able to resale it

My Personal Cons

  • Had to buy no mineral water, because mineral water can cause the machine to mold and definitly didnt want to use tap water
  • The funnel has to be cleaned every 4 bottles, this is for safety because formula and water can make that clumpy sticking mess and if the funnel or hole where it all comes out gets clogged it wont give you the proper amount of formula. I actually started cleaning it every bottle because diffrent formulas can make it clog faster. It although is not as bad as it seems, I just used a paper towel, took the funnel out, and wiped the hole and the funnel. It only took about 30 secs.

The Benifits Of The Baby Brezza

  • Works with all bottle brands and sizes
  • Mixes, heats and dispenses formula or water to perfect consistansy
  • You choose how many ounces you want 2-10 ounces
  • Easy to set up with LCD control control panel
  • Works with most formula brands and types
  • Stores formula in airtight storage for up to 20 8- ounce bottles
  • Dishwasher safe removable water tank
  • No formula mess

Bad Reviews

There are some pretty serious bad reviews on the Baby Breeza and how this product could possibly kill your baby and not to buy. From my personal experience, I had read these reviews before I bought this.

When the machine had come in and I started using it I could see what some of the people were talking about. One of the main complaints is about it not mixing the correct formula and the consistency not being right. In most cases, this is a user error.

The Measuring Wheel

Every formula has a specific setting because not all formulas have the same size scoops. My opinion on this review is that they were not reading the directions and they did not set the machine up correctly for the formula they were using.

I put an image of the measuring wheel. This wheel is the most important part of the machine. It’s the part that measures your scoops and every formula has its own setup.

If a customer does not understand how this works it can easily get messed up. To avoid this from happening read the instructions and what number your specific formula is set to. Set it up and test the machine before you give it to your baby.

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This is a formula chart with the most popular formulas, but this also tells you what formulas are not compatible, so pay close attention.

Mold Build Up

Another complaint about the machine is mold in the areas where the water tank connects. If you use mineral-free water, the water tank will not mold half as fast. Like any machine you use that keeps water at a certain temperature, it will mold. But this is why you need to clean it. The machine is dishwasher safe about once a month, take it apart and clean it.


If you want to make life easier, I highly recommend buying this product. It is one of the best on the market. Expensive, but you are guaranteed to get at least half your money back. Just make sure you keep up with cleaning the water tank once a month.

2 thoughts on “Baby Brezza Reviews – The Best Invention For Quick Bottles”

  1. Thank you for your time spent informing future buyers. I too have read some of the poor reviews and had my skepticism. My wife and I (grandparents) went ahead and purchased the unit for our youngest daughter. Your info has alleviated my concerns with your conclusion that most problems were user induced, which I speculated was the case. Thanks again, and if you don’t mind, what bottles, nipples and formula would you suggest for the best operation of the Brezza?

    • I am so glad I could be of help to you! You can really use any bottle with them. The stand moves up and down for all sizes. I used Medela bottles because I had them from attempting to breastfeed and the nipples that I used were the ones that came with the premade bottles before I discovered the baby Brezza they had a texture and it was the only nipples my baby would not push away. For the formula, we used Similac Soy because my daughter would get fussy on any other kind but whatever your grandchild is on now should work. We also used toddler formula in it when she went off of formula and it also worked great for that. The Brezza will come with a booklet of all the formulas you can use with the correct settings for each formula it was also should include formulas that are not compatible. If your grandbaby has fussiness or stomach issue I have pages about the different formulas here formulas and their benefits. I also have a page on the best bottles for colic and gas here.Best Anti-Colic Baby Bottles- Amazing Results With Better Designs. Thanks again for leaving a comment I really hope your daughter likes it a lot!!!! If you have any more questions please feel free to contact me.


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