Toddler Foods For Picky Eaters- The Best Foods For A Happy Full Tot

Toddler Foods For Picky Eaters

This topic is something I have had to research a lot. Toddler Foods For Picky Eaters and the best and healthiest alternatives to making sure they are full! 

1.) Snack Bars

Cerebelly Organic Snack Bars, these snack bars are organic, gluten-free, and Non-GMO. They deliver 12 essential brian-supporting nutrients crafted from whole food ingredients. In addition, these foods are tested for heavy metals. With different flavors, so if your child doesn’t like one, they can choose another. Click here to learn more about Cerebelly on my Top-Rated Baby Food Brands- Have A Happy Full Tot Post.

Earths Best Snack Bars

Earth’s Best Organic Sesame Street Sunny Days toddler snack bars, explore the different flavors they have to offer. These are excellent sources of calcium, iron, and zinc. The characters on the boxes make it fun for your child and more likely to try. It has a certificate for being organic and GMO-free. This brand has many different options as far as flavors and other types of healthy snack foods your child might eat. Try the Seasame Street Toddler Crunhin Grahams Honey Sticks or the Letter Day Cookies.

2.) Sprout Organic Baby Food Meals

Sprouts Organic Baby Food Meals are definitely what all mothers need. Made with whole foods, no preservatives, no concentrates, no added sugar, USDA certified organic and non-GMO. One meal provides a full serving of veggies and 5 grams of protein. Their vegetarian meals utilize a variety of whole, organic vegetables with beans, quinoa, and pasta, offering a full serving of veggies and 5g of protein and fiber. It’s speedy and easy, and done in a minute, with four different flavors for your child to try.

Sprout also offers Wafflez, Cheesy Spinach Crinklez, and Toddler Fruit Snacks. That can benefit them more at snack time.

Sprout is also on my Top-Rated Baby Food Brands- Have A Happy Full Tot Post.

3.) Peanut Butter and Jelly

Toddler Foods For Picky Eaters

So, I’m sure everyone has heard of uncrustables. The already made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that have no crust. Well, did you know they have Savorychef Decruster Sandwich Makers? Enjoy spending more time in the kitchen with your toddler by making fun lunches together! But not only do they have them, but they also come in different shapes and colors. They also can cut through ham and cheese and any other sandwich you want to make for your kiddo. It also seals the sandwich, which makes it easier for them to eat with no mess. My daughter finally ate a grilled cheese sandwich shaped like Micky Mouse; she loves her sandwiches now!

The Savorychef cutters sets are safe and 100% free from BPA, lead, PVC, mercury, and phthalates. Also, top-rack dishwasher safe!

If you don’t like the Savorychefs choices, try GualoveSky Sandwich Cutters. It comes in a four-pcs set with Mickey Mouse, Star, Heart, Dinosaur, and 4 Small Vegetable and Fruit Cutters. No more finicky eaters anymore! Made with high quality and durable stainless steel, food-grade, each with dismountable PP plastic covers that can effectively prevent hand injuries. Easily cleaned and dishwasher safe. Their multi-functional sandwich maker set is suitable for lunch boxes and bento boxes.

For whichever brand you choose, these sandwich cutters are going to save you time and money.

4.) Yumble Healthy Kids Meals

Yumbles Healthy Kids meals are fresh, seasonal, and thoughtfully sourced organic ingredients that are never frozen. They carefully balance protein, fiber, and vegetables to ensure your toddler gets the nutrients they need. They have lunches, dinners, and snacks that are nutritionist-approved. In addition, their nutritionist-developed meals come fully cooked and ready to heat in the microwave after 60 seconds, which means no time wasted.

Their meals are specifically designed for kids with unique palates, sensitivities, and dietary needs.

Try Yumble’s Pack of 6 Chicken Meatballs and Broccoli Gluten-Free Pasta Or Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets With Fusilli Pasta

5.) Chef Boyardee

Perfect Size For Toddlers
Come Neatly Boxed

Chef Boyardee provides easy meals for kids and adults with quality ingredients. Most contain no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavors, and no artificial colors. They are made with premium beef, enriched pasta. So if your kid enjoys spaghetti, ravioli, lasagna, or mac and cheese, stop stressing about what to make them for dinner. Instead, enjoy kid-friendly meals for picky eaters.

Make meals more fun with Chef Boyardee Mac & cheese, especially when the pasta comes in fun shapes like letters and numbers.

These are all 12 packs.

Toddler Foods For Picky Eaters– Conclusion

My toddler is extremely picky, and it’s almost impossible to get her to try new things! Some of these options might not be considered the healthiest, but most all are preservative-free. I am still researching this topic and trying new things with my daughter. If I find something, she likes I will update this.

If you have any questions or have something you would like me to try that worked for your toddler, please leave a comment or email me at:

Thanks so much for reading this! I hope you have found it helpful. Look down below for more posts on Feeding Baby.

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